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Roz and Matt

Roz and Matt, Styal Lodge, August 2016

Roz and Matt are just the sweetest couple, full of giggles and fun their wedding was always going to be something special. Roz had worked so hard to bring everything together with lots of gorgeous and unique personalised touches, hand made paper flowers flown in from the States, a super cute take on her something blue in the form of stunning blue shoes that matched the beautiful bridesmaids dresses and even a pair of completely fabulous sparkly cat ears!

Matt and his groomsmen enjoyed a few drinks in the clubhouse at Styal Lodge before heading into their gorgeous venue to greet their guests and await Roz's grand entrance. The service room looked absolutely stunning, delicate drapes, striking love letters and of course Styal's stunning mirrorball casting it's sparkle over the room, totally gorgeous!

Roz and Matt's service was just perfect, giggles and happy tears a plenty as they became Mr and Mrs. As tissues dabbed eyes the vows were exchanged and our gorgeous pair made their promises to each other in front of their closest family and friends. The beaming smiles on all of the guests proved just how right for each other these two truly are.

Service complete we headed into the gorgeous gardens for pink lemonade and the all important group shots. Matt's groomsmen decided that instead of the traditional picking up of the bride they'd grab Matt & hoist him up in the air, much to everyone's amusement, thankfully Matt was in safe hands and was safely returned to solid ground in one piece!

One of the lovely thing about Styal Lodge (amongst many) is that the bride and groom get to disappear off across the golf course on a buggy to a hidden lake for their pictures. We love this gorgeous secluded area, it allows couples to have a little time to themselves before they head back to their guests for the speeches and wedding breakfast and of course gives us photographers a great opportunity for some super special bride and groom portraits (which makes us VERY happy!).

After our trip to the lake we headed back into Styal Lodge ready for the speeches, cue lots more giggles, a few tears and a fabulous gift from the Best Man (and Matt's brother) for Roz, a signed Birmingham shirt to officially welcome Roz into the family as their new signing, such a fab & thoughtful idea.

Roz and Matt's personal touches continued throughout the wedding breakfast with the playing of a specially created playlist of all their favourite tunes, from Muse to Blur, the Beatles to The Stone Roses, Roz and Matt made sure their wedding was quite literally rocking! So nice to hear some different tunes during a wedding breakfast which were the perfect accompaniment to the awesome food from Top Table Weddings. Once everyones tummies were full we took Roz and Matt outside to get creative with some off camera flash and create some dramatic images, we even went wild and threw in a couple of smoke bombs!

One things we always can't quite believe is just how quickly a wedding day goes, we say it all the time yet never cease to be amazed when all of a sudden it's first dance time, you really do need to step back from time to time and just take it all in because it's quite literally gone before you know it! Thank you Roz and Matt for such a brilliant day, we loved being part of it and love the super special bond you two have, keep laughing and loving each other like you did on your special day and enjoy many, many, many happy years together!

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